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WVPC is a full-time organization specializing in providing vital Mental Health First Aid Training.

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Effective 2 JUNE 2021, Workplace Violence Prevention Consultant, LLC. became a full-time organization providing Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training to improve our organizations and communities. Consult organizations on usefulness of adding MHFA to our organizational wellness programs and workplace violence prevention programs. Training participants learn to improve our understanding of when we/ others are experiencing difficult to manage stress, mental health challenges, and/ or substance use disorders. Additionally, we learn how to support self/ others through challenging time periods and what professional resources are available in the appropriate instances.

I believe it is important to have great disclosure of whom you will be partnering with when you develop a life-long relationship with WPVC/ me, therefore I'll be providing records that let you learn about me, what I stand for, what my Teams and I have accomplished. This is critical in your decision-making process regarding if/ who you want to invite to train your organization and/ or community.

I'll share my resume first in this Blog and add more soon. Please let me know of any questions or if I may assist in any manner. Thank you. Tony

Resume 16 DEC 2021 McAfee Institute
Download DOC • 73KB

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