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New Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Program to Prevent Targeted Violence and Terrorism.

Sharing this new program sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and conducted by instructors such as myself. I became certified as an instructor two weeks ago and was fortunate to provide my first two trainings for our Soldiers and Special Agents during the 159th MP BN (CID) hosted Guardian Shield 2022 at Grissom Air Base, Indiana.

My background is within the Threat Assessment/ Threat Management profession, and I highly recommend this orientation course for our DoD service members, families, and communities on and off post.

The course is provided at no charge to partner agencies. Additionally, I also highly recommend the other primary course I am an instructor for, mental Health First Aid, as a standalone or complimentary training depending on the audience background.

As I have conducted my last three trainings, there have been mass attacks during each of them. Those that know me and/ or attended my recent trainings are aware of my passion for training us, regular people, to identify someone in need of support for a mental health challenge (high stress, unmet grievance, mental illness, etc.), how to support self/ others when necessary, and we still discuss professional resources.

The goal is to support someone who may not be on the pathway to violence (yet or at all) and assist them in coping with unmet grievances, challenges, and onto the recovery journey as early as possible. This type of knowledge prepares our DoD affiliated persons to better mitigate these mass attacks, however, also provide value in identifying domestic violence, violence stemming from hate, stalking, bullying, etc.

Please share this piece of the larger puzzle towards improving and sometimes saving lives.

Please contact me for additional details or to discuss bringing this training to our communities. It can be conducted virtually or in-person. I will work with DHS to attempt to connect interested parties to an instructor, if I am unable to support a training request myself.

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