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Making the St. Louis region safer, one training at a time.

Today was a valuable step towards bringing a newer, yet successful, program to the St. Louis area. This program is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Threat Evaluation and Reporting Overview (TERO), developed to provide public and private organizations knowledge that will help us prevent active shooter/ mass attacks. This free training is one piece of the puzzle to improve our community's safety.

Today is a milestone because it is the first time we have provided this research, evidence backed information in the St. Louis region. Special thanks to Ken Nakamura and Randy McAlister, MA, CTM who recently gave us the insight to "build a class and they will come", which is what we did. Scheduled a date and with great support of local law enforcement, military partners, and some of the largest corporations in the region, we had an outstanding first training with many more to come. Early next year, we'll be providing this knowledge to the proud citizens in and around St. Louis. Heck, anywhere as passionate as we are about dramatically decreasing acts of violence.

I want to thank so many partners, and they know who they are, for supporting us and this initiative. We are going to make 2023 a safer year here in St. Louis.

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