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"Hunting for the Good Stuff" for 2022

As I have completed my last scheduled Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training for 2022 with my friend, Richard Infranca (not in the photograph), I am overwhelmed by reflecting on the thousands of people I have met virtually and in-person this year.

Trainings such as MHFA at Work for our partnering organizations, MHFA Instructor certification courses, and Adult and Youth curriculums have empowered thousands of passionate Mental Health First Aiders to learn some new "tools for the toolkit" and refresh some already known skills used to take good care of ourselves and to support others in need.

It has been an amazing year of learning from my partner Mental Health First Aid National Trainers (NT"s), one of which is Karyn Feeney (in the photograph). Karyn is my very good friend and business partner here in St. Louis. It is imperative for successful training events to have instructors that get along well and complement each other, which Karyn and I do so well. I have enjoyed Karyns passion for educating our training participants and learned so many useful presentation tips from Karyn, our other NT's, and those we have trained this year.

I must also thank the National Council for Mental Wellbeing and Missouri Institute of Mental Health Teams for all of their efforts to ensure our nation is provided the opportunity to learn this positive life changing and sometimes life-saving knowledge.

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