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Workplace Violence Defined

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

There are numerous definitions of workplace violence and each organization has their own. As long as organizational workplace violence prevention programs encompass bullying, intimidation, harassment, veiled and actual threats, physical violence, and crisis emergencies which I define as concerning behavior or potential mental health concerns, and potential drug and/ or alcohol abuse. I have been conducting these types on workplace violence prevention investigations for over five years and despite the medias showcasing of mass attacks or active shooters, true workplace violence prevention is much more centered around co-workers recognizing a change in behavior that concerns them or a new team member joining and bringing with them past concerning behaviors. Most often the person has not broken any policies, laws, or guidelines however co-workers are afraid the person, "may go postal" or we are not sure, "what the person is capable of." My intent is to train supervisors, human resource personnel, and co-workers how to recognize the signs a friend, family member, and/ or co-worker are going through a difficult time and how to help them in the short term until the crisis subsides or professional help is available.

This philosophy has proven very successful at training personnel to support one another and not be afraid and has resulted in countless people getting help for their unique situations as well as allows others in the workplace to feel the organization is listening to them and helping them overcome the mindset they must, "walk on eggshells" to avoid angering the individual of concern. Workplace Violence Prevention Investigations are not designed to get an employee fired or to somehow force people out of the workplace.

#goodmentalhealth=productive workplaces

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