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Mental Health First Aid National Trainers Meet in Washington DC

The January 20, 2023, work week ended with a wonderful "working weekend" hosted by the National Council for Mental Wellbeing in beautiful Washington DC. This event enabled Mental Health First Aid National Trainers (Coaches and mentors for new instructors) from all around the United States to see one another in person, as well as virtually. It was great to see, "break bread with", and learn from one another in person, as it had been about three years since we were last together.

I believe that despite the costs of bringing Team members together in one location, the value of getting to know our co-trainers better, while learning of the exciting future ahead for positive life impacting trainings such as Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health First Aid at Work, is critical to our ability to make our Nation a better place. And what better place to host the event than in Washington DC.


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