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From Stigma to Support: Mental Health in the Workplace

Thanks to Apolonia Rockwell of True Safety and the Dangerous Jobs Podcast for such a wonderful discussion about employee's mental health and wellness within the workplace. Apolonia facilitated an engaging and entertaining discussion with what I hope are numerous valuable pieces of information. I know we are busy so if you can only watch a little of the discussion may I suggest going to about minute 20 as you'll see how I like to discuss how we as trusted resources for a coworker, family members, community member are able to identify when someone may need support. I laughed at myself when I viewed it.

I hope you enjoy the video, however, more importantly, I hope we'll consider how we may really start "educating and empowering" our Team members to support one another so we derive all of the associated benefits of being well in our workplaces. Please let me know if I may be of any assistance and please connect with Apolonia for more great discussions on safety within the workplace.

To view the video, please click the link then a second link will populate. Just follow the link or copy and paste the title directly into YouTube.

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