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Allow family to be part of our professional lives when possible

Earlier this month, for the first time in over 15 plus years, I was smart and fortunate enough to be able to invite my best friend to accompany me on my first business trip as a full-time business owner. I and my organizations have failed time after time to create opportunities for Loved ones to attend promotions, change in positions, events at my organizations, etc.

Much of this is my own fault and as I'm maturing (otherwise getting a bit older and possibly a little wiser) I'm seeing the err of my ways. For all the long hours many of us spend working, possibly still pursuing advanced education, travelling, being deployed away from family for a year at a time, and other sacrifices we make for our professional lives, our families deserve recognition and appreciation for supporting us and taking care of all of the responsibilities during our physical or mental absence.

I know we cannot always have our Loved ones accompany us to business meetings, conferences, etc., however, please consider doing so if it is at all possible. Our professional success depends on the support of our families and whenever possible, I highly recommend we invite them to be part of our professional journey. As employers, we benefit if we create the opportunity for our Team members and their families to be included in these special events. Importantly, if the organization Leadership gets to know Team members families and develops trust with them, there is an increased likelihood they will reach out to us when they/ our Team member needs support for mental health challenges and/ or substance use disorders.

I am so grateful for my families support in my former professional life, my military life, and now my business owner life.

Be well..

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